Craftiness wins again

Posted: May 1, 2013 in NeCGA, politics, Uncategorized

I love baseball. I collected baseball cards when I was little and still store some of my “valuable” ones in the basement in case of a tornado. (My iPad isn’t that protected). I enjoy listening to all the great announcers while sitting in the tractor or driving down the road. I love most baseball movies but most of all I enjoy the craftiness of pitchers.

Greg Maddux is known for his craftiness on the ball diamond. He was the type of pitcher that could get into your head and set you up to make you look ridiculous and get you to do what he wanted. ( It was fun to watch unless you were cheering for the opposing team.

In our state legislature we have a Senator who is like Greg Maddux. He can get you to do what he wants and how he wants when you try to engage him in a debate on the floor. No time was that more impressive than yesterday during a debate on a change to our Corn Checkoff program in our state.

ernie chambers

Senator Ernie Chambers the Greg Maddux of filibusters

Senator Chambers masterfully threw his array of pitches at  “not as experienced” senators constantly setting them up. Then as soon as he had them where he wanted he would lead them to the answer he wanted not the answer that they wanted to give.

Senator Chambers was Greg Maddux yesterday and while it was masterful to watch it was frustrating as a supporter of the bill. Senator Larson’s cockiness reminded of any young hitter that thought they could hit Maddux’s 90mph fastball out of the park. They went back to the dugout dragging their bat. Here though, Larson had to pick up his 16 page bill, now shredded into a million pieces, go back to his office and try not just to save his bill but save his reputation as a policy maker as he wanted, he threw a changeup that every single senator swung at and missed. During this time poor Senator Larson, the introducer of the bill, looked extremely foolish. Senator Chambers could have told him the answer he wanted, re-asked the question, and Larson still would have been made to look foolish. (Much like a pitcher actually telling a batter what pitch is coming next)

Any young batter or pitcher would be wise to seek out Greg Maddux even now that he is retired to find out how he did it in his prime and what they should be doing to be able to mimic his ability.  Any senator, young or old, fresh or veteran, would also be wise to seek out Senator Chambers and learn from the master.

  1. Ben Gotschall says:

    On what bill was this debate? Do you have a link to the transcript?

    • It was on LB 354 dealing with modifications to the Corn Checkoff. I don’t have a transcript but I wish I would have taped it to show to others how debates, filibusters, and not knowing your own bill can affect political discourse.

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