tractor-window.jpgThanks for stopping by and wanting to jump in and get a look at my world through the glass of a John Deere tractor.  I am not in my tractor every day but so much what I do and think about revolves around what I see out of my window when I am in that tractor.

A View About Myself

I live on a little piece of ground that has been in our family and farmed for over 100 years.  This holds a dear place in my heart knowing that year after year, day after day, hour after hour there has been much effort and care put into making sure that the generations that follow will have this ground to provide food, feed, fiber and fuel to an ever expanding world.  Even though I spend a lot of time pondering the world through the glass, I have 14 little other eyeballs staring out of the glass as well.  Granted, all seven kids are not in the tractor at one time but they are learning and exploring (and getting in trouble) on the same ground that I did at their age.  Life for us is faith, family, homeschooling and whatever other activities we can squeeze in during our ever busy lives.

A View About My Passion

My passion is agriculture and the many aspects involved with it.  From trying to raise the next big crop to utilizing the next big technological advance to researching a product to make our crop healthier or more productive to trying to protect ag from those that want to harm it.  This is what I am passionate about.  It is more than a living or a way of life it is a true definition of who I am.

A View on Expectations

My goal is to give you the insight of what goes on in and outside the cab of my tractor.  Sometimes you will sense the frustration I have from untimely breakdowns to politicians that make me want to pull my hair out (or actually crazily rub my bald head).  Sometimes you will sense the joy I have from making the next big discovery for our farm or from having the next generation discover something new on the farm.  But mostly you get me plain and simple.

Interactive Cab

You are more than welcome to connect with me and even get more of glimpse of my view on a daily basis.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+

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