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For any naysayers out there on the importance of the 2012 farm bill, they simply need to check out the vote tally in the Senate today.  In an impressive 90-8 vote, the farm bill now moves into debate on the floor. In the coming days, amendments will be offered and NCGA staff will be keeping you and me up to date as important votes come to the floor.  But until that time, there is something you and I can do to help out. 

A few weeks ago in a blog post, NCGA’s DC Communications Manager mentioned the importance of Twitter in contacting our members of Congress.  Well, here is your chance to join me in taking some action.  NCGA has teamed up with other agriculture organizations to get the grassroots activated in tweeting U.S. Senators using the hashtag #FarmBillNow  to let them know why the legislation is important to not only my farm but yours as well.   We are ginning up our farmers, aggies and advocates and asking them to keep contacting their Senators as debate begins on the floor.  This is a vitally important piece of legislation that impacts 16 million jobs.  Yep, 16 million. (Have you seen the unemployment rate lately???) 

The campaign went live this morning and already we are seeing it is being picked up by the Senate Ag Committee, Senate offices and press.  It is an impressive start to the campaign but we can get even bigger.  Let’s get so many tweets using #FarmBillNow that we get calls from Senate offices saying “Uncle! I give in!  Please stop Tweeting me!”

Join me in making sure we keep this vitally important legislation on track in helping farmers everywhere.