Why I am voting for Ben Sasse

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you are in Nebraska you realize we are in the home stretch of primary season. A primary season that has not disappointed for the news outlets and the political pundits. One in which I have chosen to support Ben Sasse for US Senate to replace the retiring Sen. Johanns.

Up until a few months ago I wasn’t sure who I would support. Was there anyone worth supporting or would I just wait until my ballot showed up in the mail and colored in the box next to one of the names? Then I got to hear Ben Sasse in person at our homeschool legislative day. Ben, along with 3 Gubernatorial candidates (Pete Ricketts, Beau McCoy & Mike Foley) spoke to our group after lunch. I had heard about Ben but wanted to see for myself what he was like. From the moment he walked into the room he meant business. He was there to deliver a message and that he did. I introduced myself and gave him one of my business cards.

After that we went to his Pro Life platform kickoff in south Lincoln. Again I was impressed with what he had to say and his Pro Life platform. I would say that was the moment I was sold. BUT that is not the only reason I am supporting him. I believe in what he has to say about Obamacare and agriculture. And as I continued reading his Issues page I realized more and more he thought like I thought.

The final impression point in making my decision was watching the way he interacted with his kids and wife. Not only that but also spending time talking to his oldest daughter and realizing that they have done an excellent job raising their kids and that what he talks about at the town halls he talks about at home. This allows me to see that he is deeply passionate about his beliefs and his desire to try to fix this country.

At the end of the day there may be more than one solid candidate to represent Nebraska in the US Senate. But in my view there is only one man who truly has the full out passion to be the voice we need in Washington DC. That man is Ben Sasse. On Tuesday May 13th, I ask you to vote for him as well.

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